4 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

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4 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

With the temperature rising this time of year it is important to ensure your dog does not get sick with heat stroke. As much as we love the heat our furry friends can not always handle the hot temperatures.

It is always wise to use preventative measures because it is much easier to not have a sick dog!

Ways to prevent heat stroke:

  • Run or walk earlier or later in the day to avoid the heat (or scheduled your dog walker earlier or later if possible).
  • Bring water (leave your pet water bottles out for your dog walkers to also help prevent cross-contamination) and always provide water after!
  • Provide a cool treat- check out our post on how to make a simple PAWpsicles for you pup!
  • Don’t over exhaust your dog.  Even if your dog is usually your 10k running partner, they may only be able to do a slower 5k on a hot day.
  • Never leave your dog in the car or an enclosed hot space.

What are 4 signs you should be watching out for?

  1. Excessive panting — dogs do pant year round of course, but this will be excessive with their tongue hanging out and very thick saliva.
  2. Increased temperature & rapid heart rate
  3. Vomiting/Diarrhea
  4. Confusion/Dizziness/Stupor

If you see these signs in your dog  you should immediately cool your dog down or get them to the veterinary clinic depending on severity — waiting too long can lead to your dog ending up in a coma.  You should call the veterinarian ahead to inform them you are bringing your dog in and the symptoms they have so they can be prepared for your arrival.

Help your dog cool down

Find some shade right away! You should go home where it’s cooler.  Give them cold water, put them in front of a fan, spray them with a hose or soak some towels and place them on your dog.

The cooling process must be done safely. You do not want to cool your dog too quickly so that they become cold too fast as this can cause them to go into shock. Never apply ice to your dog to cool them.

We’re always checking in on the dogs we run and walk because change can happen quickly when the weather is extreme and sometimes we cut our walks and jogs short on very hot days to spend time cooling your pet down.  Asphalt and pavement get very hot as well — just try to hold your bare foot on the road on a hot summer day! We’re lucky to have the River Valley here in Edmonton as it’s often the best option for a cooler, shady walk for the great dogs of Dog Jogs.