You love your dog. They are as much a part of your family as, well, you are! You’d do anything for your dog, but sometimes life happens and you can’t be there. Physical and mental stimulation keep dogs happy and healthy — and knowing that your furry friend is happy and healthy is important to you. Whether your dog needs a long walk, a jog, a brisk run, or to simply get out in the yard to relieve themselves, we are here to help. We are there for your dog when you can’t be.

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The Tick Talk

May is Lyme disease awareness month in Canada. Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that affects both humans and pets. It is most commonly spread through the bite of an infected tick, which like to occupy wooded and grassy areas like Edmonton’s River Valley. If the disease spreads through the body it can have devastating effects. The unfortunate thing about Lyme disease in dogs is that it is fairly common and can easily go unnoticed. What does Lyme disease look like in dogs? Lyme disease bacteria tends to localize in a dog’s kidneys and joints. This causes symptoms such as:...
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25 Edmonton Pup-Friendly Patios

Edmonton is home to many great things. Most notably the River Valley, Dog Jogs, and a fantastic collection of pet-friendly patios! We don’t know about you but we are so excited for patio season and even more excited that so many of our favourite local spots welcome our pups. Our goal is to visit as many pet-friendly places on this list as we can. We hope to add our personal reviews and pictures as we do so! We hope that you can find a patio on this list that you love and can enjoy with the whole family. Wherever you...
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The Scoop on Poop

At Dog Jogs, we know dog poop. The various shapes, sizes, and colours… we have seen it all. It’s inevitable when you are a Dog Walker in Edmonton! They say dogs are a human’s best friend, but for dog walkers, their best friends are poop bags. Okay, enough with the crappy jokes! Here are 5 things you may not know about dog poop. 1. Dog poop is not a good fertilizer Some people may think that since cow manure is great for vegetation, dog poop is too. This is not the case! Dogs have a very different diet than cows,...
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