You love your dog. They are as much a part of your family as, well, you are! You’d do anything for your dog, but sometimes life happens and you can’t be there. Physical and mental stimulation keep dogs happy and healthy — and knowing that your furry friend is happy and healthy is important to you. Whether your dog needs a long walk, a jog, a brisk run, or to simply get out in the yard to relieve themselves, we are here to help. We are there for your dog when you can’t be.

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Keep your pet safe with Pet First Aid!

We ran a poll on our Instagram account asking “Have you ever had to deal with a medical emergency with your pet?” 53% of people voted yes they had. That number makes sense since 61% of Canadians (from a 2016 survey) own a pet. That’s a lot of people and pets, something is bound to happen! We thought April would be a good time to shed some light on why Pet First Aid is so important to us, so we’ve made a list of 5 things you may not have thought about when it comes to Pet First Aid as...
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4 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

With the temperature rising this time of year it is important to ensure your dog does not get sick with heat stroke. As much as we love the heat our furry friends can not always handle the hot temperatures. It is always wise to use preventative measures because it is much easier to not have a sick dog! Ways to prevent heat stroke: Run or walk earlier or later in the day to avoid the heat (or scheduled your dog walker earlier or later if possible). Bring water (leave your pet water bottles out for your dog walkers to also...
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Strawberry PAWpsicles

It has been a pretty hot summer here in Edmonton. We personally love it, the warm sun beating down on us when we’re out jogging with dogs, but we own a large Pyrenees mix who has so much fur and takes a while to cool down. I figured why not test out some easy cold treats to help cool Mr. Koda off. These were painless to make, unless you have troubles with a blender. Strawberry PAWpsicles Ingredients: Strawberries Cottage Cheese Water You will need: Blender Ice cube trays I did not measure out any ingredients.  I free poured the strawberries,...
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