Yes, we do pick up your dog from your home. We offer runs while you’re at work and when you’re working from home- we ask that you keep a social distance from your dog jogger.

We don’t want you to have any questions about your dog and Dog Jogs left unanswered! If your question hasn’t already been answered below, please get in touch!

What is the first step we need to take?
  • Please Book a Consult with us so we can meet you and your pet!


    Sign up for your account, fill out you, and your pet’s information, and we’ll send you a link to dropbox to provide a few videos we’ll need about your pet before we start services.

How much does a dog jog cost?
  • Services range between $28-45 to start depending on the service.

What types of dogs can jog?
  • It depends — both small and large dogs are capable of running, but this decision is more about your dog’s energy level, body type, and endurance. For example, we run 10-pound terriers and 100-pound great pyrenees crosses. Both of these dogs have vet approval. If you aren’t sure if your dog should jog, speak to your vet or sign them up for our dog walks!

Do you run in all weather?
  • Yes! Rain or shine (and during snowy days) we will run your pup, unless there are extreme weather conditions that are unsafe, such as: thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and extreme cold or heat. We will still jog on hot summer days and cold winter days, but let us know what you know about your dog’s comfort level. Ultimately, hot/cold decisions are up to you!

What are your hours?
  • Currently our walking/jogging hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Sunday. We use time blocks for booking, which means we will arrive within the time frames below to complete the services.

    Morning: 9am–11am

    Lunch: 11am–2pm

    Afternoon: 2pm–5pm

    Anytime 9am-5pm (for those long days when it doesn’t really matter what time your dog gets out or your cat gets a visit)

How long will you jog my dog?
  • Our jogs are typically 1 hour in length or 4.5–10km depending on each dog’s ability and the weather. Each jog includes a warm up walk, pee breaks as needed, jogging, and a cool down. We will discuss what your dog’s current ability is and work with your dog to build their endurance.

How many dogs do you run at once?
  • We like to focus on jogging one dog at a time, unless they are from the same house. When running in a small pack of dogs from the same household, we pace the dogs to jog at the slowest dog’s pace.

    This goes for walks as well!

Do you pick up my dog? How does this work?
  • Yes, we do pick up your dog from your home.

    We offer runs while you’re at work and when you’re working from home- we ask that you social distance from your dog jogger.

    We do require the use of a lockbox (more about that 3 questions down)

    See how we’re handing covid here.

How do you handle cancellations?
  • Things happen, but our policy is 1 business days notice to reschedule any service without being charged.

How do I know I can trust your team?
  • Dog Jogs is a fully insured, bonded, and incorporated business. Check out our google reviews!

    Every employee has submitted a criminal record check and completed the Dog Jogs training program and exam.

    Both Steph and Nikki are certified Walks N’ Wags Pet First Aid Instructors and are working towards having the entire team trained in Pet First Aid!

Do I provide you with keys?
  • For all clients, who don’t have keyless entry, we require the use of a lockbox. There are a few benefits to the lockbox: if the dog jogger assigned to your service has an emergency (flat tire etc) we have back up joggers who will be able to access your home. You also will have the code so if you happen to lock yourself out you can use the lockbox as well!  You can purchase your own, or we can provide one for $25 and drop it off or help pick out a spot to put it.

How do you store all my information?
  • Time to Pet is our software that stores our client and pet information. It also allows for easy communication between you and our team with the chat feature! You can update your info, request services, view your schedule and make payments directly from the Client App or the Client Portal.

    You’ll also receive a real-time update that includes pictures, a GPS tracker of the walk/jog on a visit report card after each service!
    All data is protected using the same 128-bit level encryption your bank uses.

Will you jog my dog on or off leash?
  • It depends on the owners preference and the dog’s recall, but typically we keep dogs on leash and would only take them off leash in designated off  leash areas.

Can my dog have the same Dog Jogger every visit?
  • If consistency is a concern for you and your pet we would recommend setting up regular templated visits. Because of the way our team works, we can’t guarantee the same dog jogger every visit. Setting up a templated service allows us to accommodate your requests to the best of our ability.

Where do the consults take place?
  • All consults are now taking place via Zoom! You can stay in the comfort of your own home for the consult or if needed squeeze the consult in on your lunch break!

When can my puppy start jogging? 
  • Generally speaking, it does depend on several factors like health, breed, and age of your dog. ⁠

    Under our company policy, we do not jog any dog that is under 12 months of age unless approved by your vet -we do need reocrd of this!

    We do not recommend jogging your dog any younger as you can risk damaging their developing joints and muscles. And for larger breeds, we recommend waiting even longer until they are at least 18-24 months old. ⁠

    Ultimately, it is best to consult your veterinarian before starting up your pup on jogs to ensure a safe training plan! ⁠

    We’re happy to walk your pup until they can start jogging

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