Dog Jogs

Your dog is unique! We always tailor our services to your pup, but these are some general guidelines that we maintain:


Dogs benefit from starting periods of intense exercise with a warm-up — just like the dog joggers who run with them! Each of our jogs and runs begin with a light warm-up to ensure your dog is ready for action. This part of a run is often the time when your dog will be at their most excited, so we focus on keeping them calm and gently discourage them from pulling and tugging on their leash. This focused restraint is an important activity that we use to stimulate your dog’s brain.

GPS Tracked

We track all of our runs and always share your dog’s map with you. Depending on where you live, we will either run on neighbourhood sidewalks or on City of Edmonton paths with your dog. We share a map image with you so you can know what your dog got up to without you — how fast they went, how far they went, and we always send a photo of them in action as well!

GPS Tracked dog walks


Bathroom Breaks

When you gotta go, you gotta go! We pause when your dog needs to pause, and we always clean up after them. We typically urge dogs to keep up a decent pace during runs, so we don’t stop to “smell the flowers”, but we always stop to give them time to relieve themselves at their leisure.


The duration of a Dog Jogs dog run is between 4 and 10km. Various reasons impact the length of a run, such as: weather (too hot or too cold), and your dogs socialization level, age, health, and fitness level.

Positive Reinforcement

Also known as… TREATS! Treats are not a big part of our dog runs, but we do use them as positive rewards (with your permission, of course). Please let us know if your pup has any allergies!

The Finish Line

After your dog’s run, we ensure they are clean and dry and have access to water in your home. Please leave out a towel just in case we end up running on a wet day.


After every jog you can look forward to an update about how the service went including a written update, checklist, pictures, double gps maps and even a video!


Type of ServiceDurationPrices Starting At:
Dog Jog60 minutes$69.00 Per Jog
Additional Dog$15 Per Dog
*GST has not been included in these rates*Additional Charges on all Holidays

We Always Start With a Consult For New Dogs

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