Dog Walks

Running isn’t for everyone! We first started Dog Jogs with a focus on running and jogging, but we love walking with dogs just as much. Some dogs aren’t runners, are elderly, or have medical conditions that making walking safer than running — and we are happy to accommodate their needs.

We don’t pack walk. We are happy to walk multiple dogs from the same house, but we don’t walk multiple clients’ pets at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is young or old, as long as your vet has given the go ahead, walking is a great way to keep your dog healthy, agile, and happy. Dogs who carry extra weight are more likely to be affected by things like diabetes and joint pain, and walking is a great type of exercise to help maintain a healthy weight.

Puppies can be destructive and many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but walking provides mental and physical exercise that helps keep them calm. It can be difficult for inactive dogs to relax and sleep when they need to — regular walking encourages healthy sleep patterns. A dog who is restless at night can keep you and your family up, so for those times when you can’t get a walk in yourself, we are here to help!


Type of ServiceDurationPriceTotal
*GST has not been included in these rates*Additional Charges on all Holidays
Dog Walk60 Minutes$34.00 Per Session$34
Dog Walk With Additional Dog$12 Per Additional Dog/Per Session$46
Dog Walk 10 Pack Bundle600 Minutes (60 Min Each Session)$306 ($30.60 Per Session)$306
Dog Walk 10 Pack With Additional Dog$10.80 Per Additional Dog/Per Session$414

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