Our services are geared towards meeting your dog’s unique needs and ensuring that your attention can be where you need it to be. When you know that your dog has been ran, walked, fed, relieved, and entertained, you can be present at work or wherever you need to be.

How do we provide you with this peace of mind? We send a Pupdate after each and every service. Watch the video below for a quick example!

Templates are a great fit for clients who need consistent services on specific days. To save you even more time, we can book your preferred services during the same time slot, Monday – Sunday. We are more than happy to take one thing off your to-do list with an automatically booked template!

​A template doesn’t sound like it’s for you? You have full control over how often you book when you book-as-needed. Meaning you can book as frequently as you need. We do encourage booking your services before Friday at 3:00 pm for the following week to ensure your preferred time slot as we don’t process any service requests over the weekends.

Not sure if a template or book-as needed will work better for you? please get in touch — we’re happy to discuss options to help keep your dog smiling and tail-wagging!

When you are ready, please Book a Consult with us so we can meet you and your pet!

Dog Jogs

If you have a high energy dog then regular, intense exercise will help you keep them happy and healthy.

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Dog Walks

Not all dogs need to strap on running shoes — walking provides great exercise for your dog's body and brain.

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Dog Sitting

We'll be your dog's home away from home when you are out of town!

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Paw-ty Breaks

If you have a puppy or care for an elderly dog, our paw-ty breaks will help you maintain balance in your schedule.

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Cat Sitting

Cats need attention too! Daily care for your cat so you can have peace of mind.

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