Meet the Dog Jogs Team

Nikki – Owner (she/her)

Nikki is a Child and Youth Care Counsellor by trade — and works with high-risk youth throughout the city of Edmonton. It’s important to Nikki to look beyond the statistics and assumptions people make about at-risk youth. She takes a flexible, responsive approach to meeting the needs of her youth clients because no two young people are having the exact same experience.

So she tailors her approach to their unique needs and empowers them with the coping skills they need to be resilient when confronting tough situations. Similarly, Nikki ensures that Dog Jogs tailors its services to the unique needs of her four-legged clients and their families.

“I thought I just wanted to run. Then I thought I just wanted to run with dogs, but deep down there was much more to it!”

Nikki’s dog, Koda, was suffering from pretty severe separation anxiety and developing a routine based on exercise was the most impactful tool she found. Running and walking Koda beyond the typical vet recommendations changed Koda’s life — and Nikki’s life as well. Coming and going, and being away from the house used to cause great stress for Koda and Nikki, but after they started running together, that stress went away.

After seeing what a difference this made to her life, Nikki knew that other people could benefit as well!

Nikki enjoys running races, from 5-KMs to half-marathons, but she loves running with her furry friends best of all. She’s also a ball hockey player, hiker, camper, and enjoys cooking (and eating) and travelling.

Steph – Owner (she/her)

Steph didn’t grow up with pets (because her parents said no), but she has always been a friend to many dogs! She’s a dedicated athlete who plays soccer and ball hockey, and while she always ran hard while playing those sports, she didn’t consider herself to be a runner.

And then she started running with Nikki and Koda! Running became a de-stress tool for Steph and also inspired her to stop smoking. Plus she loves the sweet running apparel and shoes she gets to wear all the time now! She’s also very calm and is great with nervous dogs because her relaxed energy helps comfort and settle them.

Steph likes to travel — whether she’s backpacking around Europe or relaxing in Mexico, she’s always eager to sample the local food and then try to replicate the recipes back home.

Reina- Office Manager & Certified Dog Trainer Dip.CBST (she/her)

Reina is a martial arts student with a background in dance. She is currently an assistant instructor for a childrens’ martial arts class, where she helps students reach their goals and overcome obstacles. It’s an amazing sight to see their enthusiastic faces learn or try something new and succeed.

When Reina is not busy working, she can be found in some small nook crafting, or traveling and exploring Alberta and beyond. She loves hiking new trails throughout our rocky mountains and in new countries and regions while traveling. New Zealand is her next travel destination! Reina would love to just spend weeks on end running and hiking the entire country!

Reina has fond memories of visiting her grandparents’ farm. She rode horses, played with the barn cats and kittens, and best of all, played with their border collies. Reina and the dogs would run all throughout the pastures and property playing, what in her mind as a child, was a fantastic epic game of chase. Ever since then she has been looking forward to a time when she could surround herself with furry four-legged friends! That’s is why she became a dog jogger and now a foster parent for Barrhead Animal Rescue.

She loves to put on her Lululemon clothing and Adidas running shoes to go for a jog or hike through the river valley with her energetic husky-mix dog!

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Ashley – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Ashley has an Arts Degree from the UofA as well as her Residential Interiors Diploma. She is currently working as an Interior Decorator and is absolutely loving it! Ashley spends as much time as she can outside, especially with her two dogs. Some of her other interests include traveling, hiking, hitting different coffee shops, and watching cheesy horror movies. 

Picking up her first dog Winston is one of Ashley’s fondest animal memories. Winston was being fostered with his mom and littermates, and when Ashley are her partner drove out 90 minutes to meet them, they were not planning on taking one home right away! Of course, as soon as Ashley picked up Winston there was no way they were leaving without him. They had to pick up every single thing you need for a new puppy because they were definitely not prepared! 

Ashley stays motivated by leading by example.  She hates to disappoint people so Ashley is driven to always put her best foot forward. Having multiple pockets is something that is essential to any garment in Ashley’s running wardrobe, she needs lots of easy access spaces to store her phone, poop bags, and treats! Her favourite animal movies are the Lion King and Homeward bound, and her favourite coffee spot is Roasti. Ashley and her party of pockets would be happy running anywhere in the world that is near the beach or the mountains.

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Jackie – Dog Jogger (she/her)

 Jackie was born and raised in Edmonton while her whole family is from Ecuador. She’s completed a diploma in the Police and Investigations program at MacEwan University and is now on her way to crushing a criminology degree! Jackie dreams of being a police officer with the Edmonton Police Service, specifically in the K-9 unit. In her spare time, Jackie adores camping, going biking in the mud, and knitting. 

One of Jackie’s favourite animal memories was the time she was bit by a donkey at the corn maze. The donkey wasn’t happy with Jackie when she ran out of treats and the bite left a bruise on her wrist for a month. That donkey…what an ass! 

When she’s out jogging Jackie always brings her headphones and her favourite running shoes. Jackie uses lots of music to keep herself motivated! If she could run and rock out to her tunes anywhere in the world she would choose Stanley Park in Vancouver so she could run along the water. 

Jackie’s favourite animal flick is Beverly Hills Chihuahua and if she was out and about Jackie would stop for bubble tea at Boba Island in Chinatown. 

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Brittney – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Brittney has spent most of her life alternating between living in Alberta and Saskatchewan. While she was in Saskatchewan Brittney attended the University of Regina and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. Since graduating Brittney has been working in Edmonton and her hobbies include reading, playing soccer, longboarding, and spending time with all the animals she can!

One of Brittney’s favourite animal memories was the time she was taking a video of her sister’s Golden Retriever puppy. He was running around not paying attention and with a teddy bear in his mouth… he ran straight into a tree! Luckily no trees or puppies were harmed in the making of the now hilarious video. 

It’s no doubt that Brittney lives a busy life, so keeping to-do lists helps her stay on track. She finds a lot of joy in crossing off items on a to-do list, and seeing something that needs to be crossed off motivates Brittney to complete the task. When Brittney is heading out for a jog she gears up in her Asics runners, Adidas shorts, and a Nike shirt! If she could run anywhere in the world Brittney would have to choose Hana, Hawaii because of the stunning views. 

Whether she’s heading out for a warm drink, lunch, or ice cream, Brittney likes to shop local! Her favourite local spots are Remedy Cafe for a chai, Made by Marcus for a sweet treat, and Farrow for delicious sandwiches and cronuts. 


Kleio – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Kleio is living in Edmonton studying Human Geography and Planning, but she is originally from BC! She loves to paddle board, go for nature walks, and binge watch TV series. Kleio is an avid gardener, but she’s pretty sure the plants she has killed would disagree. 

When Kleio was little, her dog would come with her class on field trips. The class adored him, he would make sure everyone was okay by running up and down the line and checking in on all of Kleio’s classmates. Once he finished his rounds he would come back to hang out with Kleio. This is one of Kleio’s fondest animal memories.

Staying motivated is no problem for Kleio, as long as she has a cup of joe! Kleio isn’t picky about running gear, but it is imperative that she has a solid pair of running shoes. She thinks if your feet hurt then the rest of you will too! Art of Racing in the Rain is Kleio’s favourite animal movie, however she thinks the book is far superior to the film. If she could run anywhere in the world, you would find Kleio running along the river in London. When Kleio is feeling like a tea she heads over to Block 1912, and her favourite blizzard from DQ is cookie dough! 


Sarah M.- Dog Jogger (she/her)

Sarah is a fourth-year Radiation Therapy student at the University of Alberta. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who has more hobbies than free time; Some of these hobbies include reading, art, Dungeons and Dragons, and karate. Sarah has two pets at home, her 15-year-old border collie named Emily, and her orange house cat named Moxie. Sarah adores her pets, and she wanted to become a Dog Jogger because she couldn’t imagine a better way to make friends and stay active!

One of Sarah’s favourite animal memories is the time she went to pick up Emily from the shelter. Not only did Emily poop in front of her cage, but she also puked on Sarah on the car ride home! Even though things got a little messy, Sarah knew from that moment on they were destined to be best buds.

Heavy metal and caffeine are essential to keeping Sarah motivated. If she is feeling like a caffeine boost you might find her at Dirtbag Cafe! When Sarah is getting ready for a run she makes sure to bring her running pack, which is where she keeps extra dog bags and snacks. Sarah’s go-to animal movie is Hachi, and if she could run anywhere in the world, Sarah would go to Okinawa, Japan!

Terri – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Terri grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and is a lover of all animals. Her favourite outdoor activities are hiking and camping. Terri’s love of the outdoors and sports keeps her active, and she enjoys hitting the gym too. 

Terri’s family had a dog on their farm who really enjoyed pulling. They gave him a rope and he would pull them around on their snowboards! Lots of fun times were had, and this is one of Terri’s favourite animal memories. 

When she wakes up in the morning, Terri makes sure she does it with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. This helps her stay motivated and ready to take on the day! You won’t see Terri out for a run without a pair of good sneakers or a hands-free leash, and she hopes to one day run in San Francisco! Her favourite animal movie is A Dog’s Purpose, and if she feels like a warm drink Terri will grab a Maple Latte from Second Cup.

Josephine – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Josephine is originally from Montreal, where she was trained in classical ballet. She has the equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the Cecchetti method of ballet! Josephine has danced professionally, teaching and choreographing for over 20 years! Some of her hobbies include camping, yoga, and long walks with her four-legged friends. 

It’s hard to choose a favourite animal-related memory for Josephine, there are just too many to pick from! One of her more recent memories is when her pup Moonie met horses for the first time. The horses loved Moonie and the feeling was mutual, they all became best buds.

Josephine is motivated by yoga, animals, and life in general. If she could run anywhere in the world she would run by a nice beach, and Josephine’s favourite animal movie is Turner and Hooch. It doesn’t make her cry, which is a rare happening for her when watching an animal movie!  

Willow – Dog Jogger & Virtual Assistant (she/her)

Willow grew up in Edmonton and is currently studying Biological Physics at Simon Fraser University in BC. Before she moved she worked as a Dog Jogger for almost a year, and she now supports Dog Jogs from behind the scenes! Willow likes running and hiking, cooking, watching movies, and attempting to crochet pieces way beyond her skill level. Willow is seriously looking forward to moving back to Edmonton to pursue Earth Science at the UofA because that means she will get to jog with your pups again! 

Her favourite animal memory is probably the time she adopted her cat, Stevie. When Willow picked up Stevie for the first time, she would not let Willow put her down. Even if Willow could get her back into her enclosure, Stevie would just jump and climb back up Willow’s arms! 

Willow stays motivated by making to-do lists, it helps her clear out the clutter in her head and makes it easier for her to see what needs to get done! When it comes to running gear, Willow likes her hands-free leash and some pockets for her phone and extra treats. If she could run anywhere in the world Willow would go to Kyoto, Japan, and her favourite drink is an iced americano from the Columbian Cafe in Edmonton. 

Rebecca – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Rebecca grew up with and has taken care of dogs her whole life. She enjoys exploring, being outside, and animals! Rebecca loves to draw and is a digital artist and freelancer, but before that she trained in aerial dance and parkour! She’s always been an avid jogger; running is Rebecca’s favourite way to clear her head and keep her endurance up.

When Rebecca gets ready for bed she always asks her dog if she wants to cuddle, and of course, she immediately will come up and rest next to her. As a dog mom that is her favourite time of day and those evenings are collectively her favourite animal memory! 

Rebecca is motivated by living a meaningful life, which drives her to do certain types of work. She believes in learning about the skills and passions she already possesses and using them to contribute to her community. When she’s out for a run Rebecca always has her running backpack, which is much lighter and less clunky than a regular bag. If she could run anywhere in the world, Rebecca would go to Iceland or New Zealand for the beautiful nature. Her go-to animal movie is Balto, and Rebecca’s favourite restaurant is OEB Breakfast Co.


Hannah – Dog Jogger (she/her) *photo coming soon*

Hannah is a bubbly and energetic animal lover who recently graduated with a Human Resources Management diploma from MacEwan University. She has loads of hobbies, including painting, cooking, knitting, regularly rearranging furniture, and even getting paid to stream video games! Hannah has a black kitten and a German Shepherd Husky who bear many nicknames, and who she absolutely adores. 

One of Hannah’s favourite animal memories was when she adopted her dog, Oliver. She had randomly opened Facebook swap and buy and saw an ad for a sweet nameless puppy with juvenile cellulitis. The people who met up with Hannah gave her the puppy and left as quickly as they could. Hannah took Oliver home and he got a bath, lots of treats, and so many cuddles. Oliver is the best boy Hannah could have ever asked for! 

When a task involves animals, Hannah has absolutely no trouble staying motivated! Hannah loves compression clothing for her runs and is a big fan of Under Amour. Her favourite animal movie is How to Train Your Dragon, and if she could run anywhere in the world she would go to Whitehorse, Yukon. Fun fact, Hannah was born there! 

Samantha – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Samantha is a motivated and ambitious animal lover who volunteers for Safeteam cat rescue in her free time and has two lovely cats at home. She loves to hike, camp, kayak, and do any other activity that involves the water and the outdoors! 

Samantha’s favourite animal memory was the time she adopted her first cat, Star. Star came from a pretty rough situation before she was rescued, and Samantha wasn’t sure how the bonding between them was going to go. It was a long process but Samantha remembers vividly the first time Star came into bed and snuggled in between Samantha’s legs. Samantha knew at that moment Star felt safe and comfortable, and it was magnificent to see that trust being built. 

Staying motivated isn’t a big problem for Samantha. She likes to find a positive in every situation and give herself things to look forward to! When she’s out for a run a good pair of runners and a hydropack are all she needs! Her favourite animal movie is Homeward Bound, and if she could run anywhere in the world she would choose Vancouver or Scotland!

Lia – Dog Jogger (she/her) *photo coming soon*

Lia loves being active, continuously learning, and working with children and animals. Her favourite animal memories are of the times her Jersey cow and Llama would wander into her old farmhouse. Lia also fondly remembers watching her rescue dogs become a part of her family.

To stay motivated, Lia likes to remind herself where she has come from and how if she doesn’t keep moving forward, nothing will change for the better in her life. Thinking about this and all the people who have helped Lia along her way helps her keep moving.

When it comes to running gear, Lia swears by a good pair of runners and her Jabra headphones. If she could take this gear and run anywhere in the world she would go to Inverness, Scotland! It’s hard for Lia to pick just one favourite animal movie, but her top picks include Homeward Bound, Dr. Dolitte, and The Fox and The Hound. When she feels like a warm drink, Lia gets a coconut green tea latte from Les Moulins La Fayette! 

Dallyn – Dog Jogger (she/her) *photo coming soon*

Dallyn is Canadian and loves camping, travelling, eating, and of course animals! She also attended CDI College and has a Veterinary Health Care Assistant Diploma. Dallyn used to love catching frogs in the creeks and swamps surrounding her childhood home, and now these are some of her favourite animal-related memories! 

When Dallyn is faced with a task, she stays motivated by imagining how good it will feel when the task is complete. She also tries to make everything she does more exciting for herself so she stays interested! Her favourite brands for running gear are Nike and Lululemon, and if Dallyn could run anywhere in the world she would go to Singapore. Her favourite animal movie is Zootopia because of the hilarious sloths, and like a true Canadian her favourite spot for a coffee is Tim Hortons! 

Diana – Dog Jogger (they/she/he)

Diana comes from a trade background. They have been in the Alberta Carpenters Union since they were 18 as a scaffolder but moved to Kamloops BC to pursue a Police and Security Diploma. Diana switched from that to psychology to sociology to political science, but they couldn’t make up their mind so they ended up back full-time in the trades. Diana’s hobbies include rollerskating, slacklining, surfing, and chilling in their hammock with their guitar. 

Diana’s favourite animal memories are of their old dog Koby. He was the type of dog that just knew when something was wrong. When Diana was younger they used to get terrible migraines, and Koby always knew. 

Motivation is no problem for Diana as long as they have their music! It truly sets the vibe for their day. Diana loves Under Armour for their running gear and if they could run anywhere in the world they would go to the red sand beaches of Greece, or the black sand beaches of Iceland. 

Three of Diana’s favourite animal movies are Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and Fantastic Mr.Fox. Diana usually makes their coffee from home but if they feel like going to a coffee shop, they will hit up Remedy or Second Cup.

Jennifer – Dog Jogger (she/her)

Jennifer is an avid runner, hiker, and swimmer who grew up swimming in lakes and enjoying the outdoors. She has worked in a hospital setting as a nursing attendant and porter, attained both of her licenses as a funeral director and embalmer, and has delivered mail for Canada Post. After many years at home raising her two children, Jennifer has realized that she is the happiest on her feet and loves to be around animals, so she joined the Dog Jogs team! 

One time Jennifer found a white cat who was stained from living in the garbage and had two different coloured eyes. She fell in love with him and allowed him to sleep over when they were hanging out. Jennifer named her newfound friend Henry Stains, and her times with him are some of her fondest animal memories. 

To stay motivated, Jennifer reminds herself how good life is while she does high knees and drinks coffee. Her Solomon shoes are one of her favourite pieces of running gear, and if she could take these shoes and run anywhere in the world Jennifer would go to Vilnius, Lithuania! While it may sound taboo, Jennifer’s favourite animal movie is the original Pet Semetary.