Meet the Dog Jogs Squad


Nikki is a Child and Youth Care Counsellor by trade — and works with high-risk youth throughout the city of Edmonton. It’s important to Nikki to look beyond the statistics and assumptions people make about at-risk youth. She takes a flexible, responsive approach to meeting the needs of her youth clients because no two young people are having the exact same experience.

So she tailors her approach to their unique needs and empowers them with the coping skills they need to be resilient when confronting tough situations. Similarly, Nikki ensures that Dog Jogs tailors its services to the unique needs of her four-legged clients and their families.

“I thought I just wanted to run. Then I thought I just wanted to run with dogs, but deep down there was much more to it!”

Nikki’s dog, Koda, was suffering from pretty severe separation anxiety and developing a routine based on exercise was the most impactful tool she found. Running and walking Koda beyond the typical vet recommendations changed Koda’s life — and Nikki’s life as well. Coming and going, and being away from the house used to cause great stress for Koda and Nikki, but after they started running together, that stress went away.

After seeing what a difference this made to her life, Nikki knew that other people could benefit as well!

Nikki enjoys running races, from 5-KMs to half-marathons, but she loves running with her furry friends best of all. She’s also a ball hockey player, hiker, camper, and enjoys cooking (and eating) and travelling.


Steph Law didn’t grow up with pets (because her parents said no), but she has always been a friend to many dogs! She’s a dedicated athlete who plays soccer and ball hockey, and while she always ran hard while playing those sports, she didn’t consider herself to be a runner.

And then she started running with Nikki and Koda! Running became a de-stress tool for Steph and also inspired her to stop smoking. Plus she loves the sweet running apparel and shoes she gets to wear all the time now! She’s also very calm and is great with nervous dogs because her relaxed energy helps comfort and settle them.

Steph likes to travel — whether she’s backpacking around Europe or relaxing in Mexico, she’s always eager to sample the local food and then try to replicate the recipes back home.


Becca has loved animals for as long as she can remember, though she suspects her intense love for the movie Homeward Bound might have had something to do with it. She was once tricked into thinking she was dog sitting, when in fact her husband’s parents had actually gotten her a dog of her own!

After suffering a severe knee injury, Becca had to give up competitive dance, but she rehabbed that injury and discovered that running was a great stress reliever for her. She works in an office setting and can’t wait to get outside and get moving after a long day of sitting.

Being able to get moving with a dog by her side makes her runs even more enjoyable and rewarding. When the weather turns cold in Edmonton, she often dreams of running along the beautiful beaches and rugged volcanic terrain that can be found in Hawaii!

Becca likes to connect with dogs and is committed to making sure they are getting what they need out of every visit she has with them. She’s always appreciated how tuned in to human emotions dogs are as well — even when you don’t know you’re upset, they find a way to bring you peace and comfort.


Terri grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan where she fell in love with all animals. She remembers witnessing her family dog taking his soccer ball out to her horse in the pasture to play and her horse actually pushing the ball back to her dog! She moved to Edmonton in 2013 and worked in the restaurant business for a year and a half before starting her hairdressing career.

Terri loves staying in shape. She has always enjoyed working out or playing sports. She happens to play ball hockey (with Steph and Nikki) in the winter and slo-pitch in the summer. Terri motivates herself by getting up in the morning and getting her workout done.  She knows if she doesn’t she’ll feel sluggish all day so that’s enough motivation for her.

Terri and her husband love living in Sherwood Park and got their dog Bailey shortly after moving into their house. Terri loves taking Bailey for walks and play dates with doggie friends (the humans aren’t half bad either).

Terri likes Lululemon for running wear and prefers a New Balance running shoe and dreams about visiting San Francisco as she’s heard it’s an amazing place to do outdoor activities.

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Shelby received her Veterinary Technical Assistant Certificate from Olds College and now lives in Sturgeon County. Working with shelter animals while she was attending school was definitely a highlight for her!

It’s easy for Shelby to motivate herself to slip on her shoes and get moving every day. She loves making a positive impact on the health and wellness of the animals she meets when working with Dog Jogs.

Shelby looks forward to running in Queenstown, New Zealand someday soon. She also holds the movie Homeward Bound in a special place in her heart — the reunion scene still brings a tear to her eye!


Nicole grew up in the Spruce Grove area.  While growing up, her family always had more than one pet in the house. From birds and rabbits to dogs and reptiles! She also grew up riding horses. She is a lover of all animals, but certainly has a soft spot for her three rescue dogs and cat.

Nicole’s hobbies include trying new things, hanging out with friends and family, and spending time with her furry friends. She is currently in school for natural nutrition and has a passion for all things natural and health related.

Nicole considers herself lucky to have had so many awesome moments with animals. One of her favourites has to be picking up her youngest dog from the shelter while he was a puppy and being so excited to bring him to his new home. He was so small he could sit on her lap while she was driving. To this day, he doesn’t realize he weighs over 50 pounds and should no longer move over to her side while he’s in the passenger seat.

Nicole finds it easy to find motivation when she has a positive mind and outlook on every situation. Knowing she gets to hangout with dogs while wearing her favourite lulu’s and Nike gear is something she get excited about!

Her favourite animal related movie is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. She’s pretty sure her love of horses grew 100x greater after watching that movie.

If Nicole could run in any city in the world, it would be Dubai. She wants to travel there to witness their incredible architecture and to be near the ocean. Also she most likely doesn’t have to wear mittens while running there!


Shawn is currently attending NAIT to see if he’s into numbers enough to become a full blown accountant. He’s liking it so far, but we keep hoping his love of dogs wins in the end. Shawn doesn’t currently have his own dog, but enjoys spending time with the doggos of Dog Jogs. He had lots of practice growing up with dogs and often takes his dad’s mini-aussie Sam out for jogs now.

Shawn can be found playing on his men’s ball hockey team a few nights of the week, which of course helps him stay in shape to jog our dogs!



Sydney has a huge passion for fitness and has played competitive softball for 12 years! Traveling is also a huge part of her  life, with Jamaica and Mexico being her top favorites at the moment. Sydney grew up with animals her entire life and says her household can get a little crazy with all of them running around!

She went to school to become a certified personal trainer, but later decided that even though exercise is a huge part of her life, working with animals is where she was meant to be. She has worked at a few doggy daycares, the Edmonton Humane Society, and is also a Veterinary Medical Assistant in a General Practice Clinic.

One day, when she was working at the Humane society a five week old puppy was brought in with extremely bad injuries. She fell completely in love with him and when he was all healed up shehad to bring him home. Since the accident he does have some pretty bad anxiety, but loves to run meaning he quickly became her running partner. It’s not only a fun time for both of us, but helps calm him down and relax him.

Sydney is a fan of running in cute Lulus and any selection of runners from her huge shoe collection. She is a lover of the well known film The Lion King. Sydney dreams of jogging anywhere warm where there are palm trees in her view!



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