Paw-ty Break

We customize Paw-ty Breaks to your dog! Your dog may need to run around your yard and play fetch, need lunch and medication, or maybe your pup just needs thirty minutes of “people-time” to be comfortable and content while you are at work. We’re happy to discuss your dog’s unique needs during a free consult to ensure they get the paw-ty breaks they need!

Shift Work

When you work shift work it can be difficult to keep your dog on a consistent schedule because your hours vary so greatly. We’ve been there! Many of Dog Jogs joggers have all worked shift work before and know that finding balance for your dog can often be a struggle.

Long Day at Work

In a perfect world, all paw-ty breaks would happen right at noon, but our time blocks should fit your needs! If you know you have a long day of work, whether that’s in office or on zoom, we can provide your pup with the paw-ty break that they need!


Puppies! So cute, so playful, so rambunctious — and so, so much work! We aren’t professional dog trainers, but we’re happy to work on basic commands with your puppy during puppy paw-try breaks.

Elderly Dogs

It isn’t easy getting old. It’s also not easy watching your dog grow older. Their needs change as they age, and whether they need more frequent bathroom breaks than they used to or need medication while you are at work, we ensure your aging dog is safe and happy.


Type of ServiceDurationPrices Starting At:
Paw-ty Break (up to 3 dogs)30 Minutes (in yard/ house, potty break, feeding, play)$39 Per Session
Additional Dog after 3$15 Per Dog
*GST has not been included in these rates*Additional Charges on all Holidays

Paw-ty Breaks Begin With a Consult

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