Your Pup Needs A Dog Walker! Here’s Why.

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We get it, going away on trips or spending long days at work can be stressful knowing your dog is home alone! As pet parents we always want what is best for our pups, so here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a dog walker/jogger in Edmonton and area.

Maintain Your Pet’s Routine

Pets love routine. They know when it’s time for their daily walk and of course when it’s time for a meal. A solid routine can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pets. Dog walkers can help ensure that your pups get fed and taken out for exercise at their usual time, making any time away from you feel a little closer to their normal schedule.

Ensure Your Pup Gets Enough Exercise 

All pet parents know that their pups need exercise, it is the key to ensuring your dog lives a happy and healthy life. When things get busy it can be tough to fit in all the exercise your pups need, and it may leave you feeling a little stressed and guilty. Dog walkers (and joggers!) to the rescue! Whether it’s a quick walk or a long jog, our staff at Dog Jogs are game to clock in the kilometres your pup needs.

Reduce Boredom and Acting Out From Lack of Stimulation

We are sure many pet parents have come home to find out your pup has taken to eating the shoes or destroying the furniture. This type of behaviour simply means your pup is bored. Having a dog walker can help prevent this type of behaviour by keeping your pup stimulated and tiring them out with good exercise.


Socializing is an important part of a dog’s life, no matter their age. It helps give your pup the tools they need to react to things in the real world without fear and aggression. Dog walkers can help expose your pup to new people in a safe and comfortable setting. On top of the socialization aspect, dog walkers are guaranteed to give your dog oodles of love and attention!

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Competent and Certified People

You might be hesitant to ask a friend or neighbour for help with your pup because they don’t have a lot of experience with other dogs. This can be especially stressful for people with reactive dogs, as you want to ensure your pup is with someone who knows how to avoid and handle reactions in a way that you feel comfortable with. Dog walkers are often quite experienced in all sorts of pet behaviours and know how to keep your pup safe and happy on walks. Additionally, most of our staff at Dog Jogs are certified in Pet First Aid, so you can feel confident that if the unexpected happens, your dog is in good hands.

Peace of Mind

Overall, having a dog walker can help ease the nerves of being away from your pup. You can feel confident knowing an experienced person is giving your dog the best possible care, and that they are getting all the love, attention, stimulation, and exercise they need while you are away from home. You can always contact us if you have questions about our pet care services, and if you would like to get started at Dog Jogs with a free consultation, you can click here!