YEG’s Pet Parent Holiday Gift Guide 2021


We are nearing the end of 2021 and you know what that means, it’s just about time for the holidays!! Whether you have pets of your own or not, chances are, someone in your close circle definitely does. The holidays can be a busy and stressful time so figured we’d try to help out you figure out what to gift your loved ones who have pets! We have put together a list of local businesses, along with a couple fellow Canadian ‘out of province’ pet related companies. Let us know who your favourite companies are to support and who else needs to make the list next year! 


For Edmonton Dogs & Cat


Pet Industry

The Pet Industry is a family-run pet supply company out of Beaumont, Alberta. Specializing in small business, Canadian pet products with delivery to your door! The Pet Industry works with local dogs from the Edmonton area as part of the TPI Team to promote small businesses in Canada such as, EZ Antler Chews, Hero Dog Treats, Healthybud and more. 

We have created a DOGJOG promo code that gives 10% off any purchase at TPI until Dec 31!

Check out the Holiday Hauls at the bottom of the page

Hungry Mutts

As dog owners ourselves, we work hard to give only the best to our pups. Our boys are constantly in training whether be in sports or obedience so we use lots of treats as  they are very  “food motivated”. Treats with high value are incredibly useful tool to use during training as a reward to work for and to keep them  concentrated on you and the learning process. But the problem is our dogs react to certain ingredients in most commercial treats found at pet stores that resulted into multiple vet visits with  allergy flare ups, ear and skin infections. We  started making our own treats so we can control what goes in it, eliminating starch and fillers while making sure it is of high value. And so, we founded Hungry Mutts so we can share these treats to your beloved pets as well.    

use promo code “Koda” for 10% off

Mutt Munch

Mutt Munch is an all-natural, handmade treat company based in Edmonton, AB. With much research and recipe testing we were able to create some of the healthiest and safest dog treats on the market!

We only use fresh, all natural ingredients in all of our treats. The variety of products we offer caters to all types of dogs and dietary needs and sensitivities! All of our products are handmade in small batches to guarantee quality.

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality, handmade dog treat that is both delicious and
nutritious. Commercial dog treats focus on being tasty and sacrifice the nutrition or add gnarly
preservatives (do you really want your dog eating butylated hydroxytoluene?). We asked
ourselves, why not have both? Turns out you can have both by using fresh, all-natural products,

along with a bit of science. Further, to help owners with sensitive allergies, we keep
to 7 ingredients or less.

We also have a treat line specifically for cats, Cat Crunch!


Dear Dog Treat

The humble history of Dear Dog Treats is a true labour of love for Fort Saskatchewan community leader, activist, hunter and dog enthusiast, Dennis Stelmack.

Always looking for new ways to treat and train his many dogs (and to win the hearts of other canines at the dog park), Stelmack began collecting the side cuts of fat, meat and sinew from his hunting spoils that proved too difficult to consume and would slow cook them for hours over an open flame. Allowing the pieces to air dry for a few days, he would then fill his pockets with bite-sized treats for long walks at the dog park or through the community. Neighbourhood dogs soon recognized Stelmack for the wonderfully enticing aromas emanating from his pockets, and dog owners quickly came to appreciate his simple, healthy treats for the joy and delight they provided for their pets.

For all this and more, Stelmack felt compelled to write the love letter to pets and pet owners that would begin with the words Dear Dog Treats…

In fact it’s the name itself… the name Dear Dog Treats, which conjures more than anything else, the basic, yet limitless potential of the love letter: A letter of love from our family to yours, and an open invitation for you to respond with any comments or questions you might have.

Dear Dog Treats… the potential of the message that may follow this sweet salutation (when spoken by a customer who has witnessed first hand the attraction of their dog to these treats) is awe-inspiring. And yet, perhaps all of that potential can be summed up in one simple statement: Dear Dog Treats… You are loved.

Animals in our House

We are the Stenhouse Family and we are Animals In Our House. Our dogs, Paislig and Polly are the inspiration for our enterprise! They are even the main part of our logo. We are pet lovers and we wanted to give our pups the very best in quality and nutrition. Trouble was we could not find anything that did not contain mysterious chemical additives or fillers. We started to make and bake our own treats as well as source out sustainable wild salmon and halibut fish skins. We want to share our creations with you and your pets! We also make grooming supplies including paw balm and dry shampoo.

Discount code: get 15% off when you use “DOGJOGS”

Mandy Little Bark Shop

Starting out as ‘Mandy’s Little Bake Shop’, I had found my love for creating things in the kitchen.  Baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies and such for humans.  I later decided to make a shift into baking for dogs – since they make me so happy, and I love to see them get excited about something I’ve created.  It’s something different… It’s not just cakes for people – those are easy enough to find.  It’s custom goodies for our canine companions!
I use all natural ingredients – all the things that make our pups drool – and put that extra TLC into making it look great too… You might even be tempted to have a bite!

Pet Food

Grand Dog Essentials 

We are a family owned and operated business and our dogs are our resident taste testers for raw food.  Family is important to us, the dogs are part of the family, and just like you we want the best for them which is why we feed raw.  We sell and distribute frozen raw dog food, made with love and care in central Alberta

Grand Dog Essentials

Pet Accessories 


Houndana YEG is a handmade pet accessory company based out of Edmonton AB, Canada. Our goal is to provide high-quality pet products while maintaining a reasonable price point. I love working with bright colors, unique patterns and different textures!

Mimio & Co

Mimio and Co. was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 2018. All of our products are designed and handmade with love by me – Adrienne! Inspired by our shihtzu, Obie and our late family dog, Mitzu.

Leash Up

Hi 👋 I’m Chantal, owner/operator of Leash Up! As a fellow dog lover and local dog trainer. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many different types leashes I’ve bought for my dogs. After many, many leash purchases, I fell in love with the Biothane products because they’re durable, waterproof, dust proof, and easy to clean; what more could you ask for 🤷‍♀️. So I’m making it easy for you to also enjoy this wonderful line of affordable Biothane leashes and collars! Message for any questions about the leash/collars.


Alpha LIma Designs

Alpha Lima is a veteran-run husband and wife team right here in YEG. We are active dog-owners who know the value of having durable and quality gear for your pets to withstand whatever adventure you take them on through mud, water, grass and sunshine. Our bandanas are tie-on and double layered made from cotton so you can toss them in the washing machine so they come out good as new.

Our leashes and collars are made from BioThane. This vegan leather is mudproof, waterproof, stainproof, fadeproof and adventure-proof. It’s strong AF to handle the toughest doggo and will last for years.  

 Discount codes
We have a bunch of model codes found on our IG highlights to save 10% off any purchase Military and first responders can save 20% if they send us a DM.  

 The Love Of Dogs 

We are a small Edmonton company, that started out focused on handmade pet enrichment toys & have been growing our business since 2019. We absolutely love animals, & love to see how much energy they can burn by using our enrichment toys. 

We also love to support local, as well to  participate in local events. We are active in the volunteer community to help bring awareness to breed discrimination, & part of our sales proceeds goes back to a local foundation to help support the cause. 

For more information please visit our website!

Plume Pup Co

My name is Mckinley and i am the face behind Plume Pup Co! I started this company as a way to express myself through cute doggy accessories, as I love to have my pups Ellie, Lola and Mabel looking stylish at all times! I ordered my first sewing machine and taught myself how to sew in order to pursue this dream of mine! Every bandana is handmade with lots of love and with my pups most likely at my feet. We are most definitely doing a happy dance with every order that comes in! 

CATMAN Cat Furniture

Cat Trees & Scratching Posts
(Highly recommended by Steph & Nikki)

CATMAN Cat Furniture

For Edmonton Pet Parents

Looking for the perfect gift for the pet parent in your life and want to support a local Edmonton business?

Painted Paws CA

Stuck on a Christmas gift idea for your dog loving friend? Look no further! A hand painted, custom acrylic pet portrait from @paintedpawsca makes the perfect unique, personalized Christmas gift for any of the pet parents in your life.

Use the code “dogjogs” when you place an order to receive 10% off! (include the code when you dm/email [email protected] about placing an order and the discount will be applied on your invoice)

*orders placed and confirmed before the end of November have a guaranteed completion date before Christmas. Orders placed after the end of November will be placed on a waiting list and completed as time allows.


Hello Sunshine Painted Pet Portrait

Hello Sunshine is the love child of Jacilyn Blackwood, an alumni of the Alberta University of the Arts. In 2019, she decided to merge her love of animals with her art practice to celebrate and commemorate the wonderful companionship that our animals bring to our lives. She currently resides in Edmonton, AB with her dog Benny and her cat Wiley.

You can see her work at Tix on the Square and at the seasonal Royal Bison Art & Craft Sale.

Custom Watercolour Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait

Paws Off Cleaning

Paws Off Cleaning Company is a residential and commercial cleaning business in Edmonton, Alberta with services available in St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Leduc and Beaumont ready to tackle any mess.

With our highly trained professional staff, we will listen to your needs and ensure you receive the best possible customized cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on professionalism, giving you that personal, flexible, consistency and affordable “Paws Off” touch.

Life can get busy and stressful. Whether it’s juggling your career, family or your beloved fur babies, our mission is to help you with your cleaning needs to make a difference in your life, providing peace of mind and more free time to enjoy the things that matter the most.

What makes Paws Off different than the larger cleaning companies is our unique business model. We are small but mighty. Communication is fast and efficient and we are dependable and reliable. We want our clients to know that they can not only trust the results of our cleaning service, but feel like they are treated with the utmost respect.

Paws Off Cleaning

The Doody Hunters

Give The Gift Of Poop Pick Up!

We are a local, pet waste management company specializing in full yard clean-ups or weekly maintenance! We proudly provide our services to Edmonton and the greater Edmonton-area. 
Some of our services include: Weekly waste removal, Spring clean-ups, One-time jobs.
As a veteran owned and operated company, you can trust us to use the best tools for the job, and provide you with an excellent customer experience. Request a quote today!

Now offering Litter Express for those with cats!

doody hunters

Sit Stay Squat 

Sarah Keller is the owner of Sit Stay Squat, which combines her love for dogs with her passion for fitness into a unique service that offers exercise programs for both people and their pups.  

Sarah has spent over 10 years studying advanced human fitness ranging from long distance running, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and prehabilitation exercise.  Sarah has first hand experience on just how important a well designed exercise program is in leading a healthy, pain-free life.

In 2017 Sarah traveled to Chicago to learn more about the benefits that fitness has for our dogs, and is currently the only Certified Canine Fitness Trainer across all of Canada with both CPCFT and CCFT credentials – the 2 most credible canine fitness trainer certifications available worldwide.

Sarah continues her education on a daily basis by reading every book that she can find on canine exercise, structure, & gait analysis; and has completed numerous other programs on canine fitness, massage, and behavior.

Growlery Beer

The Growlery Beer Co. opened in June 2019 and is located along Airport Road, adjacent to the new and exciting Blatchford community, minutes from downtown Edmonton. The Growlery embraces the vision of Blatchford: of reducing our ecological footprint, living sustainably and providing a better future for future generations. 

Gift your friend a gift card so they can go enjoy a beer with their pup!

(dogs allowed in tap room but must well behaved and on leash)


K9 Muscleworks

Working along side your dog’s current health care team, K9 Muscleworks is dedicated to improving and maintaining your dog’s muscular health. Through canine massage, K9 Muscleworks helps to improve your dogs mobility, flexibility, range of motion and pain relief and/or discomfort.

Services available at my location East of Sherwood Park or mobile services available (travel fee may apply).

K9 Muscleworks

Dog Jogs

You love your dog. They are as much a part of your family as, well, you are! You’d do anything for your dog, but sometimes life happens and you can’t be there. Physical and mental stimulation keep dogs happy and healthy — and knowing that your furry friend is happy and healthy is important to you. Whether your dog needs a long walk, a jog, a brisk run, or to simply get out in the yard to relieve themselves, we are here to help. We are there for your dog when you can’t be.

Give The Gift Of Pet Services -We Sell Gift Cards!

(Or Purchase For Yourself!)

Dog Walking Edmonton


Pet Photography

Get or give the gift of beautiful memories! 


I’m Teann Dhariwal, an Edmonton, Alberta based pet photographer who loves capturing the unique personalities of dogs, cats, horses… basically anything with four legs and fur! As a lifelong animal lover, I combined my passion for creatures and critters of all sizes with my trained eye for photography in creating Mutt Love. I’m as passionate about capturing artistic, authentic images of pets as I am in creating memorable client experiences for their humans.


Jshantz Photography

I’m Jill! I am an award-winning portrait photographer with over 21 years professional experience. My passion is creating images where my clients look natural and at their best.

My portrait sessions are done on location at beautiful sites in the greater Edmonton area. I know many of the hidden gems in the local area and I’m confident we’ll find the perfect spot for your shoot, as studio sessions are limited. 

My sessions are relaxing and easy going. I get that the presence of the camera can be a bit unsettling for some people, so my goal is to put you at ease and ensure you get great results. I’m always open to input and feedback from my clients – because I’m happy when you’re happy. Let’s just say as a business owner I’m on a mission to revive the lost art of customer service.

Cassie Thurrott Photography

Cassie Thurrott Photography specializes in Canine photography. Now what does that mean? It means that my focus is ensuring your beloved fur baby has fun and feels safe. It also means that I sometimes act a little crazy to bring out your dog’s personality that you love so much and it means LOTS of delicious treats.


Jcork Photography

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m the person behind J Cork Photography. The other two faces behind this adventure have four paws, my dogs Maia and Ellie Mae. I started taking pictures of pets in 2016 when I was dog sitting more often than I was living at home. I loved being able to send pictures to the owners as well as my family to brag about the cute animals I got to spend time with. Over the last few years, I have progressed from a cell phone camera and pet sitting to a much better camera and two dogs of my own. I am adore to taking pictures of animals and adore revealing the images I have captured to owners. While my true passion is photographing pets, I also offer portrait sessions, engagement sessions, and capturing small events up to 25 people. I have taken multiple photography courses both in person and online, and I am working towards a photography diploma.


Still haven’t found something?

A few other options: 

Make a donation in someone’s name to help pets in Edmonton:

Hart –
Scars –
Humane society –
Paws in Need –
Infinite Woofs-
Safe Team Rescue-
Furget Me Not Animal Rescue –
Zoe’s Animal Rescue –

A few Other Canadian Companies

Dog Dog Goose

In a world where “fast fashion” dominates and everything is cheap and disposable, I have made it my goal to create lasting, quality products. I have spent time sourcing durable materials that can withstand anything your dog throws at them, and I have crafted a lifetime hardware warranty to back it up. I make strong efforts in my workshop everyday to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics and eliminate as many waste by-products as possible. Almost all of the off-cut material produced is saved and re-purposed towards other DDG products. Our bandanas allow us to both support local rescue efforts by donating proceeds to various rescue organizations (DDG Rescue Series Bandanas) as well as work together with talented artisans and illustrators to promote collaboration over competition in the small business world (DDG Artisan Series Bandanas).


Whether you’re welcoming a new furry family member or saying goodbye to a loved one, we hope to help provide a lasting piece that can bring the happy memories to mind for years to come. Celebrating every step of life is what we do. 

Your one-of-a-kind paw print impression
Hand painted. Kiln fired. Personalized. Forever