Top 5 Spring Activities to Do with Your Dog in Edmonton

Edmonton, Helpful Tips

With spring on the way, the weather is going to be warming up, making it possible to enjoy more adventures with your faithful canine. There are plenty of dog-friendly activities in Edmonton that will keep the two of you busy. Keep reading to find out what those activities are. 

Take a Hike 

What could be more enjoyable than spending time in the great outdoors with your furry friend? Elk Island National Park, located just outside of Edmonton, is a dog-friendly location that you should check out. 

This park has various hiking trails to choose from. Here are just two examples: 

  • Hayburger Trail You might catch a glimpse of boreal birds and bison as you make your way through forests and meadows. Be warned, the off-trail meadow areas contain some quicksand, which is why you should keep your pooch with you at all times. 
  • Living Waters BoardwalkThis is a great option if your dog can only handle a short, easy trail. Follow the loop and enjoy the view. 

You can find more great hikes by looking at the Elk Island National Park website. And remember to review all dog walking rules before heading out to the trails. 

Take Your Pup to a Brewery 

Bring your four-legged companion to a dog-friendly brewery in Edmonton. The Growlery Beer Co, located at 40 Airport Road, is a great place to meet other dogs and their owners. 

You can even set up doggy meetups at this brewery. Just send a message to [email protected] to learn more. 

Have a Movie Night 

Spending quality time with your beloved canine doesn’t always involve getting out. You can also spend a night at home with your dog. 

Plan a movie night and pick one of your favorite dog-themed movies. Or maybe you want to try one you’ve never seen before. 

Either way, there are loads of options out there. Some ideas include: 

  • A Dog’s Purpose 
  • Marley & Me 
  • Beethoven 
  • Dog Hotel 
  • Lassie 

If none of those appeal to you, check out this list of 100 dog movies. Once you’ve chosen a movie, get comfy on the couch and start snuggling with your dog. 

Attend a Dog Event 

Have you ever thought of attending a dog event in Edmonton with your pet? It’s a great way for you and your dog to socialize with other pets and owners. 

We are teaching a pet first aid course on April 4th and 5th, and your dog is welcome to come. Keep in mind that the maximum number of dogs allowed to attend is 6 per class. 

This event will teach you the skills you need to handle pet-related emergencies. You will gain hands-on experience while your dog gets to enjoy some time out of the house. 

Take a Walk 

There are tons of great dog walking opportunities in Edmonton. Check out the 40+ areas where off-leash excursions are allowed. These areas include neighborhoods, dog parks, and trails. 

Too busy to get your dog out as much as you’d like to? No problem! Our walkers are ready to give your furball some much-needed exercise. 

Book your consult to start your dog walking sessions in Edmonton today!