Social Distancing for Dog Owners in Edmonton

Edmonton, Helpful Tips

If you’re like many Edmontonians right now, you might be working from home helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing. The Public Health Agency of Alberta has advised minimizing contact with others, including avoiding crowded places such as Edmonton dog-parks on sunny Saturday afternoons and keeping a distance of at least 2 meters length from others as much as possible.

Staying Active

If you have a home gym or participate in an online fitness program, you can stay fit inside no problem but, what about your dog? A vigorous game of tug or fetch “down the hall” just isn’t enough for some dogs as dogs need both physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and happy. Continuing with your dog’s daily walks or runs during this time is necessary and requires only a few simple changes. 

-Give your dog that walk around the neighbourhood. Keeping distance between you and anyone you may encounter.

-Opt for walks outside of peak times to limit the number of people you encounter.

-Hiking trails in the Edmonton River Valley remain open, accessible, and beautiful right now.

-See someone you know? Instead of a hug, or handshake, give a friendly wave.

-Off-leash dog parks can attract crowds. Consider visiting them at less busy times and avoid that weekend afternoon rush.

-Avoid touching other dogs or unnecessary surfaces as they could be a carrier of the virus.

-Bring along hand sanitizer (if you have any!) and always wash your hands as soon as you get home.

If you aren’t able to give your pup what they need, we are still providing services. Dog walks and Dog Jogs are available for clients who are providing essential services and are unable to be at home with their pets. We have modified our consult/service procedures to eliminate human contact as well as having our staff continue to follow strict precautionary measures during services.

Social distancing has in itself many challenges, but we invite you to enjoy this precious time with your dog (or cat). Take this opportunity to really connect with your pet, get some extra play sessions in, work from the couch and let your furry friend join you, go for a few more walks together, make them some delicious homemade dog treats, teach them a new trick, tackle some grooming at home, give your dog a bath, trim those nails, make them a new toy or accessory, organize and go through all your dogs’ toys. There are an enormous amount of things you can do with your furbaby while you are at home.

 We know that your fur-babies love our dog walkers, most get pretty excited when we show up. However, they love YOU the most. YOU are their favourite dog walker, so go and revel in all that unconditional love!