National Hug Your Dog Day

Dog Care, Helpful Tips

Dog getting a hug
April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day!

Does this mean you should rush home and hug your dog? Maybe, maybe not. There are quite a few studies out there showing that dogs don’t like being hugged. This doesn’t mean you have to believe the studies, but do a test with your own dog to see how they react before you, or anyone else (especially kids!) give them a hug.

Here are a few things to look for:

Some signs you have a dog who doesn’t mind a hug are:

  • their body relaxes
  • their breathing slows
  • they may lean into the hug

Some signs that your dog doesn’t enjoy being hugged:

  • they show the whites of their eyes
  • they turn their head AWAY from the hug
  • they pin their ears back

If you have a dog who doesn’t love being hugged but likes being touched, give them a belly rub or a good ear scratch instead. If you do have a dog who doesn’t mind a hug, give them one (or 100) today!