Is My Dog Happy?! How to Give Your Pup a Happy, Healthy Life!


Dog walks

Keeping your pups happy and healthy should always be a top priority, not just for their sake, but for your own too! Happy, healthy dogs mean less destruction in your home (does shoe chewing sound familiar?), less money spent on medication and vet visits, and more time for you and your dog to enjoy each other’s company!

Vet Visits

Regular vet visits not only help to ensure your pet is the proper weight but also aid in the screening of potential diseases your pet may or may not be displaying symptoms of. One of the most significant steps in achieving a healthy, happy pup is proper nutrition. Different breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs will all have various dietary requirements, so it is critical to discuss your pet’s weight and nutritional needs with your veterinarian. Preventing obesity (and therefore obesity-related illness) is one of the best ways to ensure your pet lives a long and happy life.

Veterinarians also assess gum and tooth health and might recommend a dental cleaning to maintain your pup’s smile! Preventative medications or supplements are also an important option to consider for your dog to keep fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites at bay.

Dog Grooming EdmontonGrooming

Dogs naturally like to groom themselves, so an incredible way to bond with your pet is to give them a little spa day! Grooming is something you can do at home or choose to have done professionally, so there are many great options out there! Trimming their nails, brushing them, or bathing them are all ways to ensure your pup is at their best. Another benefit of grooming is being able to assess their skin, hair, and nail condition. If you see any changes, like bald spots or bumps, it may be best to visit your vet for a professional opinion.

Dog Socialization

Our pets love being social, which is why we always see those happy wiggling bums and tails when we return home after a long day! Socializing pets is a critical factor in keeping our pets happy, healthy, and safe. Examples of this can be taking them to experience new things (hearing loud noises, going into stores, being around different animals), taking your pup to daycare, or simply having friends or family around to visit. Of course, you want to ensure that these experiences are positive for your dog, so bring lots of treats to reward them for wanted behaviors.


Sometimes these activities can be hard to fit in during a busy work week, so exploring dog walking services such as Dog Jogs is one way to keep your furry friends entertained even while you’re at work. Personal dog walking services in Edmonton is an option for any dog but can also be helpful for pups that are reactive around other pets or have anxiety, and therefore not a great candidate for doggy daycares.
A bored dog isn’t a happy dog. How can we fight boredom with our furry friends? Get creative. Enrichment puzzle toys, visiting new places, and teaching new tricks can be a way to stimulate your pup mentally. If you have access to a backyard or outside area, try hiding treats around your backyard in a ‘hide and seek’ game that will get tails wagging and noses sniffing. This activity can be brought indoors on cold winter days as well. Dogs naturally love to use their nose, so playing scent-based games can be a new and exciting way to play with your pet.

Time Spent With Your Pet

Finally, being present with your pup is crucial in all stages of their lives. We juggle so many distractions between work, school, friends, family, and other commitments daily, but prioritizing quality time with our dogs is crucial for both parties. Undisrupted one-on-one time is one way to unwind and release some stress in whatever way you and your dog like to enjoy time together. That could look like cuddling on the couch, going for a walk (no phones!), or setting aside some time to play. Doing this is especially valuable in multi-dog families!

Giving our furry companions the best quality of life possible has a bounce-back effect, we in return, see an enhancement of our own lives.