How to Take Ridiculously Cute Pet Pictures

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Trust us, at Dog Jogs we know how tricky it can get to snap a cute picture of your pets. The constant zoomies and boundless energy can make the whole photoshoot ordeal a bit difficult, and with the holidays season in full swing there are so many festive photo-ops you do not want to miss out on. Here are a few of our favourite tips for ridiculously cute pet pics!

Time of Day

The time of day that you attempt to take some stellar photos is crucial. You want to consider at what points of the day your dog is the most sleepy or willing to strike some poses. For some pups, it’s best to take pictures right when they wake up in the morning before the zoomies kick in. For others, after a meal or right before bed. You know your pet best! When it comes to cats, the time of day does not really matter. They will give you a run for your money no matter what the hand on the clock says.

Tire Them Out

Your pups will be more likely to cooperate with photo taking if they aren’t full of beans. Going for a nice long walk or run in the park is a great way to tire your dog out before snapping some pictures. Also, heading outside for that natural light is fantastic for pet photos. The wintery Edmonton trees and river valley are wonderful backdrops for your endeavours as well.

Lexi soaking up the Christmas spirit

Take Lots of Pictures

If your phone storage allows it, taking multiple photos gives you more opportunities to get that golden shot, and also action photos! Sometimes at Dog Jogs we take up to 50 pictures in one service just for those four or five winners, so don’t feel ashamed to fill up your camera roll. If you don’t have fast fingers, you can always take a video and then go back and screenshot your favourite frames.

Stay Cool and Take Breaks

It’s quite difficult to get that money shot if there are lots of distractions in your area. Not moving around too much and limiting excess noise can be helpful in keeping your pet’s attention on the camera. Another way to ensure your pup’s attention stays on you is to take breaks if you can in your space.

Aarlow out and about with Dog Jogs

Have Fun!

Ultimately the experience of taking pictures of your pet should be fun and adorable. Making the experience positive for your pet is key to having a successful session. Using treats and positive reinforcement is the way to go! Don’t stress if you can’t get any awesome shots, life isn’t perfect and your photos don’t have to be either.

Let us Take the Pics!

We hate to brag, but at Dog Jogs we know the tricks of the trade for pet photos. Let us take hold of the leash and take your pet out for a wintery Edmonton walk, and we will snap some paw-some pictures along the way. Take a look at all the services we have to offer! Or if you are just interested in seeing some of our favourite shots, check out our instagram.