How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost in Edmonton?

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Being a pet parent is a rewarding adventure but can also leave you feeling guilty. Especially when you struggle taking your dog out every day or even certain days of the week. Dogs need daily exercise to stay fit physically and mentally, and sometimes getting them out for a walk is the last thing on your list because life gets busy.  

While there are a few things to consider when searching for a dog walker in Edmonton, your budget is part of the factor. You may have found yourself asking a few of the following questions about how much a dog walker costs:

Why Do Edmonton Dog Walkers Charge Different Prices?!

Dog walker rates will range depending on quite a few different factors. 

What are you looking for in a dog walker in Edmonton?
  • Is the Dog walker a solopreneur or a dog walking company?!
    If a dog walker is a solopreneur and they do not have a team of fellow pet care professionals working with them, they may charge less as they have lower overhead to cover.
  • Some dog walkers in Edmonton only offer private walks, where they are picking up and walking one dog at a time. Often there is training or behaviour management involved as well.  Others lead group walks or off-leash park visits; Keep in mind that dog walkers typically charge less if they lead group walks or off-leash adventures as they are picking up multiple dogs.
  • A dog walking company with employees will generally charge on the upper end of the scale, as they have additional costs that factor into delivering high-quality services. Training, Insurance, scheduling software, continuing education, travel time, WCB, pet first aid, supplies, and now PPE, to list a few things.
  • Not all companies will have employees. Some will choose to contract independent contractors (ICs) and will have lower prices than a company with employees. They have lower costs because they are unable to provide things like training and supplies to their ICs.
  • Hiring a dog walker off of Rover is an entirely different story. For those who aren’t familiar with Rover, it is a large tech company that created a platform for people to hire/offer pet care services. Think Uber, but for dog walking and other pet care services.

Here’s a general guide of what you can expect to pay for a dog walker in Edmonton.

General Rate Ranges For Dog Walkers in Edmonton
  • 15 min Service $10-$20
  • Private 30 Minute Service (Walk, Jog or in house visit) $15-$40
  • Private 60 Minute Walks $25-$50
  • Private 60 Minute Jog $30-$60
  • Group Walks $15-$40

Other factors that may add to the price- additional dogs, medication, transportation.

  • Additional Dog $5-18
  • Medication $2-$6
  • Transportation $0-$20, plus Km (depending on service area)

Some dog walkers will offer regular customers discounts. For example, a dog walker may lower the per-walk cost if you hire them two to five days a week instead of just one or sporadically.

Choosing the right dog walker for your dog ultimately should not be a decision totally driven by cost.
Ask yourself what price will you pay for peace of mind?!

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