Edmonton Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jessica Shmigelsky of Paws Off Cleaning Co.


As one of Edmonton’s Dog Walking and Jogging companies, we often cross paths with many residential house cleaners during our services in some of our client’s homes. Frequently, our clients request that we take their pups out while they have their cleaners scheduled. Have you met Jessica Shmigelsky? She is the owner and operator of Paws Off Cleaning Co, and actually prefers that all client pets are not kennelled or kept in a specific room while she cleans away! 

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica and just needed to share our interview with her. Join us as we get to know Jessica and learn more about her cleaning company.


DJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Jess: My name is Jessica Shmigelsky, and I’m 32 years old, born and raised in Edmonton. I lived in Vancouver for three years, traveled Southeast Asia for three months, ran a half marathon, and worked at a dinner theatre where I usually dressed up in character as an old man named Stan. On paper, I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and over ten years of marketing experience. In my spare time, I drink red wine (perhaps a slightly inappropriate amount), play competitive fastball and dodgeball (yes, it’s a thing), sing karaoke, take selfies with my cat and try not to pass out at the gym. 


DJ: How did you get started with Paws Off? 

Jess: I’ve been running Paws Off Cleaning Co officially for a little over a year! As mentioned, my background is marketing, and I worked in the corporate world for eight years. My last full-time corporate gig was in the car industry, and one day I woke up and decided I never wanted to listen to anyone ever again. I also realized I hated waking up before 8:00 am. So, I quit my job to start the cleaning company full time as well as a part-time marketing company. And now, here we are! 


DJ: How did you come up with the name for your business?

Jess: When I researched cleaning companies, there wasn’t a lot of information regarding pets, and if most companies required the animals to be locked up in their cage or in a room with a closed door. I am a HUGE lover of animals (especially cats – I have a cat tattoo…) and wanted to always be around them, have clients feel comfortable knowing their animals would be in good hands, and they can roam free in their own house! So, I rolled with that and stayed with the “don’t touch anything, it’s clean” theme and voila! I had a company name. Also, my logo is a cartoon version of me and my cat, Lucy! 


DJ: Is this your full-time gig? 

Jess: Yes! Monday to Friday and most Saturdays! 


DJ: What are some of the philosophies of or inspirations for your business? 

Jess: Quick and effective communication is so important, whether it’s via text, email, or social media messages. I always make sure to get back to clients and inquiries as soon as possible since time is valuable, and I always want to respect that. I am also very honest and transparent when it comes to business policies, procedures (including COVID-19), and expectations from both myself and my clients. I don’t ever want my clients to feel on edge or disappointed with anything. Consistency is also very key – whether it’s with the quality of service or maintaining rapport between my clients. A lot of my clients were strangers and now have become friends, and I think that might even be the most important since I’m going into homes, which is a safe and personal space. 

Jessica and her cat, Lucy.

DJ: What is your favourite thing to clean?

Jess: Bathrooms! I use vinegar and Dawn dish soap (thank you, Go Clean Co) to clean bathrooms, and it is always so satisfying because you can tell the difference before and after! It is unreal on shower doors! 


DJ: What is your favourite cleaning tool? 

Jess: The Norwex Window Cloth! I don’t even use it for windows! I use it to buff stainless steel, shower heads, sink taps, faucets, and porcelain! It makes everything so shiny! And of course, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! 


DJ: What is your favourite pet friendly cleaning supply? 

Avon bubble bath for dusting! It not only smells delicious, it’s perfectly safe for the puppies and kitties! 


DJ: Can you share a few pet friendly cleaning tips?! 

Jess: Vacuum. Everything. Haha! That’s usually a given, but a lot of houses will even have the pet hair climb up to the walls! If that’s the case, vacuum them! I also always suggest vacuuming the bathroom BEFORE you clean. If you don’t, water will splash on the floors, and then you’re stuck with wet pet hair, which is absolutely awful to mop without dragging across the floor or getting stuck to the toilet/floor creases. For dusting, I recommend the Norwex dusting mitt! The hair sticks to the glove, and you can shake it out on the floor and vacuum it up right after! 


DJ: Tell us about your cat, Lucy!

Jess: Lucy is 7 years old and she’s a Siberian Calico. She’s a bit on the heavier side but she just hasn’t lost her 2019 holiday weight yet. It’s okay. She will get there. She’s not fat, just fluffy. 


DJ: How can people find you? 

Jess: I have a website, it’s https://www.pawsoffcleaning.com/, I’m on Facebook as well, it’s just Paws Off Cleaning Co. (@pawsoffcleaningYEG). I also have Instagram and my handle is @pawsoffcleaningyeg. You can connect with me on any of those social media platforms, as I mentioned earlier, I am way quicker to text you back or email you. If you prefer to chat on the phone we can do that, or if you also want me to come to your house beforehand, I am free that way as well. 

How to find Paws Off Cleaning Co. In Edmonton

Thank you guys for joining us and getting to know Jessica of Paws Off Cleaning. Paws Off Cleaning Co is a residential and commercial cleaning business in Edmonton, with services available in St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and Beaumont. Have more questions about their services? Check out their website for details on their COVID policies and services! 

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Keep, keeping it local, Edmonton! Small businesses around our city are grateful for the opportunity to serve their community. Dog Jogs is no exception!