A Journey to Success: Chewie’s Tail-Wagging Transformation with Dog Training in Edmonton, Alberta

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At Dog Jogs, based in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, we pride ourselves on offering adaptable and fully customized services to meet the unique needs and stages of every dog. We’re excited to share a story that encapsulates the essence of our commitment and ongoing support to our pet-owning community. Meet Chewie, a fluffy Mini Bernedoodle whose journey with Dog Jogs has been nothing short of rewarding and transformative.

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Chewie’s story with us began when he was just a young pup of seven months. After starting with some walks, his mom reached out to us seeking training sessions, particularly to get Chewie acclimated to regular grooming routines. As many will know, Doodles require regular grooming, a process that can sometimes be uncomfortable for the uninitiated pup.

This is where Reina, our trusted head trainer, stepped in. Reina’s approach to dog training is grounded in an individualized evaluation and program development process. She carefully assesses each dog’s needs and tailors the training program accordingly. One-on-one training sessions are a specialty at Dog Jogs, allowing us to hone in on specific training goals and reinforce positive behaviors effectively.

With Chewie, a core part of his training involved our unique maintenance walks. These sessions were designed to give Chewie an extra boost in practice while generalizing the behaviour to different environments and people.

The results with Chewie were nothing short of amazing, and his family noticed the difference. Here’s a glowing testimonial from Chewie’s mom:

“We have had 3 training sessions with Reina, and what a difference it has made! Reina is absolutely superb. She is very knowledgeable, patient, intuitive – a true expert. She has designed a specific training program for our energetic pup. They are so individualized and impactful. I am going to schedule maintenance walks with our Dog Jogs walking routine, and they will practice our techniques!! Reina is providing all with write-ups, so the walkers have all the details. It doesn’t get better than this. Thank you so much Reina and Dog Jogs.”

As Chewie grew, new challenges emerged. The now energetic pup began to exhibit bouts of excited energy during his walks, a shift that required an adjustment in our approach. However, this was just another opportunity for us to adapt and provide the best solutions for Chewie and his family’s needs.

Our services grow with your dog. We prioritize well-being, routine, exercise, stimulation, and socialization in our integrated approach, setting your dog up for successful interactions with others and creating a seamless pet care experience.

Chewie’s tale is a shining example of how flexible and proactive services can make a significant difference in a dog’s life. The journey of supporting a dog through different life stages and needs can be both challenging and rewarding, and at Dog Jogs, we are committed to being there every pawprint of the way.

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Want to experience the same success as Chewie and his family did? Contact us at Dog Jogs for a discussion about your dog’s specific needs and let’s embark on a successful pet journey together. This is what we do best – setting dogs up for success, one jog at a time!