Does My Dog Need a Jacket?!

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When it’s cold our Dog Joggers are used to layering up to be outside; and are often asked: “Does my pup need a jacket?”.

The answer, it all depends on each dog!

Dog Jogs Owners Steph and Nikki own Koda, a Great Pyrenees mix. He has a double coat and LOVES cold weather. When it’s -30 degrees celsius in Edmonton he is at the door begging to be let out to lay in the snow. He loves walks and jogs during the winter and seems to have endless energy. They make sure he is not outside too long because he still can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite!

Koda is a great pyrenees cross and has a double coat, which helps keep in warm on cold days.

Typically dogs who have double coats can tolerate and even enjoy colder weather (dogs acclimatize too!) and majority of the time will not need a jacket. There is no harm in dressing your dog warmer and having to remove a layer if they seem to warm!

Dogs who should wear a jacket during the winter in Edmonton include:
  • Small animals
  • Short haired breeds
  • Older or very young animals
  • Sick or Injured animals

The dogs listed above are most likely to be affected by cold weather. They can suffer from hypothermia as they lose body heat quickly!

As dog walkers in Edmonton, we work with dogs who are not a fan of the extremely cold temperatures Edmonton can reach. One of our furry clients, Cosmo, does not have a double coat and will freeze unless he is dressed properly wearing a jacket and boots!

Cosmo is a pitbull mix (from California) he does not have a double coat and only tolerates the cold with a coat and booties. He’s had a hard time acclimatizing to Edmonton winters.

When out with any dog, our dog walkers monitor them throughout the service. You can too!

Watch for these signs of Hypothermia:
  • Shivering
  • Cold ears and feet
  • Stiff Muscles
  • Frozen extremities
  • Lethargy leading to eventual unconsciousness

If you notice any of these signs, go indoors, if the dog is wet, dry them. Warm them with blankets or towels.

Dog owners know best what is required for their dog in winter based on; climate, dog breed, age, and the health of a particular dog. But if you are unsure, it never hurts ask your veterinarian.