The Ulti-Mutt Guide to Pup Camping in Alberta

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Get out of the doghouse!

Camping has always been an iconic summer activity, and now as we are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s a wonderful activity that allows for social distancing and safe outdoor gatherings! After many long months of isolation, it’s time to hit the parks! From hiking to delicious camp meals to nights by the fire, the memories you make camping are unforgettable, so why not let your pooch in on all the summer fun? Here are some ways to prepare for a doggone fun camping trip in Alberta.

What to pack for your pup

Camping trips are most enjoyable when you are prepared for anything nature may throw at you. With your pup, you’ve got an extra being to consider. Here are a few things you should pack up:

  1. collar and ID tags
    • it’s important your pup’s collar has up-to-date ID tags in case they get off-leash & go wandering. Additionally, it might be a good idea to attach a temporary ID tag with your campsite information!
    • bringing a collar light is helpful for nights at camp
  2. leashes
    • don’t be afraid to pack extra leashes for different outdoor scenarios. Bringing a long line leash is great for decompression and exploring, in permitted areas.
  3. food & water
    • this may seem like a no-brainer, but remember that your pup will need lots of food for high-energy days if you are hiking or doing other more strenuous outdoor activities
    • it’s also necessary to keep your pup well hydrated with clean water, especially on hot summer days!
  4. canine first aid
    • better safe than sorry!
  5. lots of poop bags
    • when you are out camping there is often wildlife in the area so it’s important as always to pick up after your pooch.
  6. extra bedding
    • nights can be cool, especially towards the end of August. Keep your fur-baby nice & warm!
  7. towels
    • you won’t regret packing a few extra towels for your adventure, particularly if your dog has an aversion to staying clean (… so all dogs)

Where to bring your pup

Alberta is home to so many stunning landscapes and beautiful provincial and national parks. Most campsites in these parks are technically pet-friendly as long as dogs are kept on a leash and under control; However, not all places have good access to dog-friendly beaches and trails. Here are Dog Jog’s top picks for camping in Alberta with your pup:

Two Jack Lakeside Campground

Nestled in Banff National Park, Two Jack Lakeside campground is surrounded by tons of great hiking for you and your pups. The views are stunning! 

Two Jack Lakeside Campground

Ross Lake Campground

This campground is located in Whitney Lakes Provincial Park, about 2 hr 45 min east of Edmonton. Doggos are welcome on-leash to this family-oriented campsite but are not allowed on public beaches or swimming areas. Lucky for all you pet parents, there are lots of different lake access points that aren’t the main beach. 

Ross Lake Campground

Brazeau Reservoir Campground

Only about two hours outside the city, Brazeau Reservoir campground is great for water-activity lovers. Although there aren’t many trails in the area there is lots of easy lake access for things like canoeing, boating, and many games of fetch!

Brazeau Reservoir Campground

Happy camping!

And there you have it! There are so many wonderful campsites to explore with your pup, and with a little bit of planning ahead, you’ll have an amazing trip for the books and lasting memories with your fur-babies.

Not taking your dogs or cats camping with you? Make sure to book them in with some of our services while you’re away!