Best Halloween Costumes for Edmonton Pets in 2020

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Pets love trick-or-treating in too! (Well, the “treat” part at least.) These are our favorite pet Halloween costumes for Edmonton pets in 2020.We picked out 3 top favourite outfits to showcase! We did our best to find one c that a large breed dog could wear (100 pounds or more)since we know how hard they are to find! Links are provided if you need to order you pet a costume quick! Don’t forget to check the size charts, different costumes have varying sizes.

Which one will your pet wear for a spooktacular night?


We chose one from  a very popular movie across the decades: Star wars

Darth Vader -aka Bark Vader

Costumes for Edmonton Pets – Darth Vader – Aka Bark Vader (Courtesy of Amazon)

Prisoner!- picked out a classic costume that would fit a larger dog breed

Costumes for Edmonton Pets – Prisoner (Courtesy of Amazon)

Scary option! Chucky

Costumes for Edmonton Pets – Chucky (Courtesy of Amazon)

How do you SAFELY and comfortably dress a pet in a costume?

Quick tips about having your pet wear a costume

  1. Some dogs love being dressed up and others hate it –Being forced to wear unwanted clothing will only cause them stress and anxiety.
  2. Make sure your pet can see and hear
  3. Costumes can be uncomfortable for senior pets with arthritis
  4. Watch for signs of stress- lick lipping, yawning, whites of the eyes showing. Your pet could be giving you signs they don’t like dressing up!


Just like training your dog to do a trick you can work on desensitizing your dog to wearing a costume. 

You can reward them for 

  • -sniffing the outfit
  • -if they stand in place and let you drape the clothing on them
  • -letting you fasten the buttons/buckles 
  • -staying calm

Start slowly and work your way up, your pet may only be ok to wear a costume for a few seconds at first- reward them so they build a positive association with the costume! 

If your pet doesn’t love Halloween or dressing up in costumes, they’ll love THIS pumpkin treat recipe!

We’d love to hear about your traditions with your pups. Email us and tell us all about it!