5 Benefits Of Having A Dog Walker In Edmonton When Working From Home

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Dog Walker in Edmonton

You are finally living the dream! Working from home!!  Roll out of bed, put the coffee on, and put Max out for his morning bathroom break. You settle in to start work and Max is begging you to go out for a walk… all day long!

There are many benefits of hiring a dog walker in Edmonton while working from home:

1. Gives Your Dog Routine

Dogs thrive on an established routine because they know what to expect. In addition to regular exercise, dogs crave love and attention. If a dog’s day is unpredictable, it could elevate his stress levels. If you are transitioning to working from home your pup may not be used to having you around all day. They may think it’s the weekend where they can typically receive more attention from you, which isn’t always the case when you’re working.  By hiring a dog walker, your dog can continue their routine. 

2. Keeps You Productive

Did you know it takes about 25 minutes to get back on task when you have been interrupted? That’s a long time when your pup is asking to go outside every hour, barking at a noise they heard or just seeking your attention! Your boss will appreciate you staying on task and getting your projects done on time or even early when you can stay focussed on the task at hand- your job! Having your pup taken out for a 30-60 minute walk or jog while you’re working will help you focus on what you need to do! 

3. Keeps Your Pup From Barking While On An Important Zoom Call

As much as we all like to see a fur-friend pop into a google hangout or zoom call, sometimes it’s not professional. If you’re in the middle of something important and your dog starts barking at the flyer boy or amazon delivery next door, it might not look great for you! Have a dog walker come in the morning between 9-11am  can help tire your pooch out for the rest of the day so he’ll be too tired to pay attention to the little noises that set him off, keeping you on track during your meetings!

4. Lets You Wake Up Later Or Finish Work Early

By not having to get up to walk your dog, because the dog walker is coming, you can catch a few extra minutes of sleep, fit in a workout, or start on that project a little earlier.  The other alternative is not taking an hour-long lunch break to walk the dog, maybe ending your workday early?  Evenings can be enjoyable and relaxing, as they should be!  

5. Keeps Your Pet Socialized

 Your dog needs to get out and sniff those smells, see those sights, hear those sounds. Even if your pup doesn’t meet another dog up close, a walk is still very much a social experience for them.  Seeing other dogs and their owners, even from afar, is beneficial.  Especially if your dog is reactive. Keeping them cooped up in the house and not exposing them to the world can have some negative consequences.  The Dog Jogs team helps with socializing your dog with different people as we can’t always send the same dog walker to every visit. 

Let us be here for your dog, even while you are home!

Hiring a dog walker in Edmonton while working from home is easier than ever with Dog Jogs.  We know you’re busy and are now offering virtual consultations, providing an efficient way to set us all up for success while eliminating human contact. We still send an update after every visit, whether you are home or not. You’ll have peace of mind that knowing what your dog is well taken care of!

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