4 Reasons Why Mutts are Paw-some!

Fast Facts

In many dog shows and in pop culture, purebred dogs are revered as the most wonderful pups with exceptional traits and beauty. Not to say that this isn’t true, but mutts are most definitely overlooked in the media. Not in our hearts! We think that Mutts in Edmonton are truly paw-some, and here are four reasons why.

1. Mutts may be Healthier

Mutts have increased genetic variation compared to purebred dogs because mutts are the result of mixing two dog breeds with different genetic makeup. Some think that this makes mutts healthier and less likely to have serious conditions like cancers or spinal diseases. Although there isn’t a great deal of data to support this claim, it’s no doubt that the mutt’s genetic variation makes them more resilient to environmental changes and some disease. This means that it is very likely that a mutt will have a longer lifespan than a purebred pup.

Dog Jogger Sarah and adorable Parker out for a wintery walk

2. Mutts are often Cheaper

Mutts often have lower upfront costs compared to purebred dogs. Most shelters and rescues in Edmonton don’t adopt out a pup until they have all their vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, and microchipped; So if you adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter you are avoiding all of these hefty costs.

3. Mutts are Uber Unique!

The behaviours and physical characteristics of purebred dogs can usually be predicted, but a mixed-breed pup is truly unique. This uniqueness is again due to the mutt’s genetic variation, which allows for a multitude of different trait expressions and temperaments. Mixed-breed pups are very special!

JP is so handsome! He is a mixed-breed pup and has some Border Collie, Mini Aussie, and Heeler in him.

4. You are Making Difference

A lot of mixed-breed pups end up in shelters and rescues. Adopting a mutt from a rescue is no small action, and it has a cascade effect that helps the people and animals in your community. You are supporting local Edmonton businesses and freeing up a spot in the rescue/shelter system which allows for more resources to be put towards helping other pups find their forever homes. That is a big deal!

No matter what breed of dog you decide to adopt, you are giving a pup a home; And all dogs are truly special in their own way. Mixed-breed dogs are often overlooked, but they have so many traits that make them the perfect companion. At Dog Jogs we walk all of your purebred sweethearts and mixed-breed cuties, and they all have a place in our heart!