3 Tips About Pet First Aid

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Pet First Aid is the emergency treatment administered to a sick or injured animal before professional medical care is available. Would you know what to do in the event of a pet emergency? Have you experienced a pet emergency? 

Much of the first aid administered to pets is similar to that administered to humans, but with some distinct differences, especially when referring to their anatomy. Pets also cannot tell you or explain how they’re feeling but will show you that they are unwell through different behaviours. 

Most of  the Dog Jogs staff team are certified through the Walks N Wags Pet First Aid curriculum, a Nationally recognised program for the pet care industry. (We are planning to certify the entire team once it’s safe to do so!) The course was originally developed in 1993 by Nurse Ethne Dickinson of Oakland Educational Services Ltd, and a team of Veterinary professionals. Lisa Wagner took over the program in 2003 and rebranded the course to what is now, Walks N Wags Pet First Aid. Similar to human first aid, the Walks N Wags Pet First Aid course is reviewed and updated every 3 years with the help of a National team of Veterinarians and other pet health professionals. 

Dog Jogs owners, Nikki and Steph initially took the Walks N Wags Pet First Aid Course before they started Dog Jogs, as they felt  it was great knowledge to have as pet owners. After Dog Jogs was started, Nikki and Steph quickly realized the importance of pet first aid and have made it a requirement of jogger training. They decided to take the Walks N Wags Pet First Aid Instructor Course and successfully obtained their instructor certifications. Nikki and Steph have certified many staff on the Dog Jogs team, clients, pet parents, groomers, doggy daycare staff, dog walkers, pet sitters and others in the pet industry to date. The more people that are educated, the more animals that will potentially be saved from injury or even death. 

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, which means it is the perfect time to talk about a few tips that will help any pet parent in Edmonton.

1. Keep Emergency Contacts Handy

Be sure to keep emergency phone numbers on hand and easily accessible, like on the fridge or on speed dial. It is helpful to include numbers such as for your primary veterinarian, the nearest emergency veterinarian and the poison control hotline. It’s easy to think, I know the number or where to go, but when faced with a life-threatening emergency with your furbaby you may be in shock and may not be able to think as quickly as you normally do. Consider also keeping this information readily available (like on the fridge) for anyone who happens to be looking after your pets such as your family, friends, or Dog walkers and Pet Sitters in Edmonton.

2. Prepare or Purchase a Pet First Aid Kit

We also sell them! (If you’re interested in purchasing one, let us know to arrange a porch drop off for you)Pet parents should consult with their veterinarians or take a Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid class (offered throughout Edmonton by several different instructors including Steph and Nikki of Dog Jogs)  to learn how to use the contents of their pet first aid. There is a reason you would keep hydrogen peroxide in a pet first aid kit- and no it’s not actually for cleaning wounds! Make sure you know what you’re doing before practicing Pet First Aid.  A few key items you should have in your kit: Adhesive gauze pads, tape, rectal digital thermometer, antihistamines (i.e. allergy medications), antibiotic cream/ointment, hydrogen peroxide, and saline solution.

3. Act Fast

Never wait to see the veterinarian! Yes, the vet is expensive, but some injuries and health issues can be deadly. Learning what the signs and symptoms of pet health to watch for followed by a visit to your local Edmonton Veterinarian could lessen the pain your pet is in, prevent complications or death. What you do (or don’t do) in the first moments of an accident, or recognizing early signs/symptoms of medial conditions can often be the difference between life and death.

Sign up for a future Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid class or do the online one now in the comfort of your own home!

Both options offer the same certification once you have successfully completed the course. Having the confidence and knowledge that could save the life of your furbaby is invaluable. Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all in-class Walks ‘N’ Wags courses are on hold until further notice. If you are interested in taking the course online in the comfort of your home click here and use the promo code: WNWCARES to save 20% 

Contact us if you have any questions in regards to the Walks ‘N Wags Pet First Aid classes. We hope to be able to offer our in class courses in the near future! 

Wishing that you and your family stay safe and healthy!