Dog Sitting

We know you love your dog, but your vacation plans can’t always cater to your dog’s needs, so we’re here to help! Change is difficult for us two-legged beings, and it can be difficult for your furry friend to manage as well. Your dog’s comfort is our top priority — we try to eliminate all stressors and provide your dog with the calm place they need to deal with changes to their routine.

We offer dog sitting at the home of Steph and Nikki’s for those dogs who don’t mind being away from home.

We follow the schedule you generally keep with your dog and provide regular physical exercise and mental stimulation. We also administer medications if necessary, and can accommodate special dietary concerns as well. If your dog has a favourite bed that you want them to have at our house, great! Alternatively, we do provide a comfy bed of the right size for your furry friend or if they’re allowed to sleep on the bed then that’s where they will sleep.

Some of our clients prefer not to talk to us regularly during our vacation (we know it’s hard to be away from your pups!), regardless we send a daily  update — whatever you need to be comfortable while you are away from your pet, we are happy to provide.


Type of ServiceDurationPriceTotal
Dog Sitting- For dogs over one year. 1 Night$55.00 at our residence/per night$55
Dog Sitting- For puppies under one year1 Night$85.00 at our residence/per night$85
Additional Dog$13.00 per additional dog/per night$68-$98
*GST has not been included in these rates*Additional Charges on all Holidays

Dog-Sitting Begins With a Consult

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