Dog Training

NOW offering in-your-home one-on-one training! 

You want to give your dog the best life. We want to support you in doing that! With our training you’ll learn scientifically accurate and effective dog training methods that are customized to your goals and lifestyle. 

We strongly believe that consistency is the key to setting you and your pup up for success in reaching your training goals! We will customize your training plan during our in-person evaluation and work closely throughout your training journey!

A little about our training methods:

Our methods emphasize the use of added (positive) reinforcement and are implemented in an errorless approach so that your pup is set up for success! We begin with reinforcing foundational building blocks of the behaviour you are looking to train your dog in or replace another behaviour with and gradually increase the challenge so that your dog stays engaged and enthusiastic throughout all sessions! 

With this process, we also address any negative emotional responses your pup has to triggers that lead to reactivity and/or aggression. By working on replacement behaviours in a positive environment, under their threshold but in the presence of their triggers, while simultaneously working on counterconditioning/ desensitization.

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